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For 10 years, Kae worked in professional services supporting students and working professionals in their postgraduate and professional qualifications. Within this capacity, she also worked within quality assurance ensuring examinations met the requirements of institutions and regulatory bodies.

Her journey into IT security was prompted a few years ago, after working for an organisation who unsuccessfully attempted to conceal a data breach. Realising how common place these incidents were in the typical workplace, and the often unsatisfactory approaches to prevention and remedies, she ventured down a new career path; cyber security.

Kae delivers live training in an engaging format, helping individuals and organisations stay safe within the digital space. Her passion to tackle cyber crime led her to pursue a postgraduate degree in Cyber Security as well as acquire other IT certifications.

Considered a lifelong learner, Kae enjoys writing, conducting research and engaging learners. As a devoted wife and proud mum, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, long walks in the summer months and curating a healthy lifestyle.

If you wish to connect with Kae, you can connect with her on LinkedIn or reach out at kae@cybersecureinthecity.com

Kae Fadiya, Founder
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